Assorted soft drinks, juices, beers, and cocktails!


Wings and things

Late night menu 10pm - 11:30pm


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Late night menu 10pm - 11:30pm

Soups and Salads

Healthy and flavourful


Island style sandwiches and wraps

U Burgers

Burgers a la Usain

The Jerk Pan

Jerk Pork


Straight off a coal fire, this roadside food is hot, spicy and supremely satisfying. Served on foil with typical roadside garnish of ketchup and hardo bread, you won’t be disappointed by this sweet and smokey taste of Jamaica. Pairs perfectly with an icy cold Red Stripe.


Gourmet Flatbread


Tracks Italian Style

Crock Pots

A remix of the ‘box lunch’.

A daily staple for most Jamaicans, the box lunch is a sure cure for ‘Jamaican Hungry Belly’... a hearty meal with starch, vegetable and protein all tightly squeezed into a mouth watering ’box’ of bursting avour. 

Specialty Entrees

Nouvelle Caribbean tastes and unique Jamaican avours compliment these traditional gourmet favourites.


Island decadence